Trio Mondrian

This trio is one of the outstanding young musicians/ensembles who are helped by the Borletti-Buitoni Trust (BBT) to develop and sustain an international career and the developementof Trio Mondrian is going very fast now. Especially with this new cd in hand where the trio displays an intense and rich expression and deep musicality. The trio wrote on the blog of the Borletti-Buitoni Trust: “Our key to sustaining that joy, which is Later transcended to our audience, is the connection that we have Between us not only as musicians but also as people, as friends. When we are on tour our Trio becomes a family.” The connection between them, the unity as a trio is very strong and this cd is a perfect result of this!

The Music In My Heart

Brillant auf den Punkt gebracht: The Musik In My Heart, das ist virtuoses Geigenspiel der ersten Liga. Man kann Guy Braunstein nicht einmal übel nehmen, dass über weite Strecken die Geige das Klavier geradezu übertüncht. So überzeugend und konsequent bringt er die Schönheit dieser Werke zum Vorschein. Hier treffen Spaß, Ehrgeiz und künstlerische Reife aufeinander. (Ulrike Klobes, rbb kulturradio)

The New Israel Woodwind Quintet

The New Israel Woodwind Quintet is one of those chamber groups formed from the ranks of leading symphony orchestras in various countries. This one is above the general run in terms of common purpose and interpretive coherence. The highlight, and one that makes the album worth the purchase price by itself, is the reading of Poulenc‘s Sextet for piano, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and horn, a high-spirited work whose first and third movements open with seeming deadly seriousness that almost immediately evaporates.

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