chamber music

5 pieces for Piano, Marimba and Harp

Berlin, 2018

ca. 25 min.

Mixed Choir

Ab Solve
SATB acapella Choir

Berlin, 2017
ca. 5 min.

Piano Solo and Orchestra

Suite for Piano and Orchestra
Hamburger Symphoniker, 2013
2-2-2-2, 4-2-3-0, perc.4 players, harp, piano solo, strings (8-7-6-5-4)

ca. 35 min.

Mixed Choir & Large Ensemble

Missa de Requiem
Berlin, 2017

1(fl&picc.), 1-1-1(bass)-0, perc.3 players, harp, organ, piano, SATB, strings

ca. 45 min.

Marimba Solo and Orchestra

Concerto for Marimba

Written for Ria Ideta, 2014

2(2nd dbl.alto) sax.-1, 2-2-3-0, harp, celeste, perc.3 players, strings

ca. 32 min.

Violin & Cello Solo, String Ensemble

“Violins of Hope”

Commissioned by Stiftung Berliner Philharmoniker, 2015

solo violin, solo cello, 7-6-4-4-2

ca. 20 min.

Piano Solo

Coconut Sonata

Written & recorded in Berlin, 2015

ca. 18 min.

Piano Solo

6 Studies & 2 Paraphrases
Recorded in Berlin, 2015

Learn French/5-8ths/Cascades/Vocalise/Octo-
Arpo Study/Marimba Etude/Jazz Ballade #1/

ca. 25 min.

Violoncello & Piano

“Cantar, Creer y Bailar”

3 Pieces for Violoncello and Piano

Berlin, 2012

ca. 12 min.

Piano and Woodwinds


Commissioned by NIWQ, Recorded for Meridian


Los-Angeles 1996, revised 2006

ca. 15 min.